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Pure Orgasmic Love Goddess Retreat (Women) - Northwest Coast Tampa, FL

  • West Coast Tampa Bay Area, Florida Paradise Villa- Address Released Upon Registration 34652 United States (map)
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Pure Orgasmic Love Goddess Retreat


October 1-6, 2019

““She fell in love with herself at first sight, and it is a pleasure to which she allows to fill her with joy day after day.”  — Dragonfly Love

Imagine immersing your beautiful body in the Florida sun and allowing yourself to explore, learn and discover all of the desires and pleasure your body holds…

Come work with Dragonfly a Somatic Sexologist, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatica® Practitioner & Women’s Sexual Wellness Educator, where she will help guide you and help you discover and implement your complete journey to sexual wellness.

ALL Women ages (18+), all shades of the rainbow, all shapes & all sexual orientations who are looking to have more pleasure in their lives.

There is a Pure Orgasmic Love Invite just waiting for YOU... Come Lovely as You Are, Leave Pure Orgasmicly Empowered!

Dragonfly holds a space around me where I can let go of all patterns and habits not currently serving me. Delving into myself, I have found a profound love, joy, erotic pleasure, exploration, and contentment in all I am meant to experience. The good, hard, sad, happy, tears, desires, wants, kinks, turn on’s are all held respectfully. Her guidance and expertise coupled with intuition has enhanced my life to an extent I didn’t anticipate. Taking that step into self-care is scary. And having a guide/ resource/ support along that path is invaluable. Thank you to her for her service and for being pure orgasmic love in more ways then words can express. Your sex positivity and joy inspires.
Living in the yummiverse always.
— Adela Mello, TX
The amazing Villa, where we are spending a beautiful 5 days & 4 nights in immersive connection!

The amazing Villa, where we are spending a beautiful 5 days & 4 nights in immersive connection!

Sometimes we can feel paralyzed and detached when it comes to experiencing the fulfillment of complete “feeling” sex, asking for what we want sexually and living our true desires for what fills our bodies with bliss. Sometimes we don't know what that looks like or means to receive true pleasure in our bodies because of all the messages or trauma that has happened in our lives. And the repetition of the type of sexual connections we are experiencing.

This somatic education will transform, awaken and connect us to the pleasure that we desire to feel every day of our lives within every part of our lives, especially within our special romantic spaces. We can integrate our hearts, minds, voices, and genitals when given the proper tools and practices to do so...

Dragonfly welcome's you on this beautiful path of pleasure.

Learn in a Safe, Supportive, Nurturing, and Immersive Environment.

Private sexuality, intimacy, and relationship coaching sessions, prior to the retreat and during with Dragonfly. (these will be set up after registration is complete)

2 - One on one sexological bodywork sessions with Dragonfly and Pure Orgasmic Love’s all-female Certified Sexological Bodywork team.

Deepen your access to feeling and play with all the senses.

Empower your body, mind, and genitals through experiential practices.

Ending the shame, walking the path to sexual healing and erotic expansion.

Filling your body with delights and discover and release "her" deepest desires.

Releasing the masculine and feminine pains and trauma our bodies are holding onto and create more space for pleasure.

Our wonderfully excited and relaxed female autonomic nervous system and how this benefits us to use these skills to our advantage.

Learn the somatic tools to deeply integrate sexual wellness into every part of your life.

Learn what healthy boundaries and personal settings look like in your life of pleasure.

Delicious educational cooking experience on nutrition and the effects on your sexual health, wellness connection.

Feel what it means to “feel connected” to the full experience of your arousal and sexuality. 

Relax into the connection of the sister goddess community of Pure Orgasmic Love.

Embody your sexy… Embody your sensuality… Embody YOU.  This is a moment of what mine has looked liked.

Embody your sexy… Embody your sensuality… Embody YOU.

This is a moment of what mine has looked liked.

Retreat Happenings:

Daily Morning Sexual Wellness Yoga, Orgasmic Meditations.

Love Talks: Our Sexy Autonomic Nervous System, Women's Anatomy of Arousal, Pleasure & Orgasms, Sexy Nutrition

Group Love Circles: Body Image, Our Misguided Messages, Your Sexy Spirit-Desires & Lust.

Experiential Discovery: Beauty of our Body Story, Body Mapping, Erotic Breath-work, Dragonfly's SEE™, Body Adornment, Florida's Feel Excursion, AND a surprise of delights to expect along the way!

Sensual Embodiment Photo Shoot: View yourself through the beautiful lens that you are.

*A Beautiful Reuse Pleasure Bag of yummy take-home's to satisfy and continue developing the pleasure inside of you. (Valued over $550)


When? October 1-6, 2019

Where? Northwest Coast Tampa, Florida in Beautiful Mediterranean Paradise Villa

Investment: Listed below with your room of choice, room types reserved on a first request basis. A non-refundable deposit of $800 is required to secure your space at the retreat. One time payments in full earn a 3% discount. Personalized payment plans are available and will be set up with auto-withdraw.

Accommodations: Included

  • Room 1- Shared King w/private balcony & large bathroom: shower, jacuzzi tub, toilet, and bidet. ( 2-spots ) $5200

  • Room 2- Queen Bed w/private balcony & bathroom: shower/tub, toilet ( 1-spot ) $5400

  • Room 3- Queen Bed and private balcony, w/shared bathroom in the hall ( 1-spot ) $4800

  • Room 4- Shared Twin/Twin w/shared bathroom adjoining w/hall access: shower, toilet ( 2-spots) $4600

Nutrition: Included

Drinks, Snacks, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert- All snacks and meals will be prepared with whole food based ingredients, organic produce and free-range meats. *You will be able to let us know if you have any food allergies and/or dietary restrictions for food preparations on the registration form.

Sensual Embodiment Photo Shoot: Included

Transportation: Included

To and from the airport. Specific pick-up times throughout the day.

Excursions: Included

A feel of Florida! A private boating excursion on the Gulf of Mexico to a sandy island to play, relax and rejuvenate your body.

NOT INCLUDED: Airfare to and from Florida.

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Connect with All of You…

Allow Yourself Pleasure…

xx Dragonfly